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Hiya, Welcome.

I just wanted to check in so you know where I’m headed on this journey if you choose to follow, Quirks & All in 2019.

result_1499901455787I’m Liss, quirkster, bibliophile, branding / neuro-marketing / digtal media / lean business growth geek with an interest in nature, animals, the environment and lifestyle. I’m also a single, empty – nester with a menagerie.

I live on a property called The Torr, which I am rehabilitating in the Northern Rivers of NSW and in South Bank in Brisbane and present globally. I am a serial happy dancer, who dances like a daggy snoopy. I don’t believe in #humpday it’s #happydanceday.

My son has dubbed me “Crazy Chook Lady” and diagnosed me with “#Ditsaphrenia” ie someone who suffers from ditsy accidents daily.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I’m quirky and this blog is a eclectic assembly of my passions and interests. You don’t need to be keen to read it all, which is why I have the following categories for you to preference dive into including;

Business/Marketing/Digital Marketing #entrepreneur

We are talking fundamentals, growth with a focus on lean business and organic marketing based on expanding from a strong brand. These blogs are designed for business owners/managers and entrepreneurs and written with the entrepreneurial mindset of being an innovator and leader.

Writing/Publishing/Book Reviews #authorpreneur

Industry updates, tips and tricks for writers in writing, branding, publishing and beyond.

Lifestyle #lifestylepreneur

Lifestyle, mindset, well being, travel, recipes, yoga, meditation. Achieving balance.

Quirks #Quirkster

Observations and stories that may make you laugh or may make you cry. My mishaps, encounters and what I’ve learned.

I’m aiming on publishing one blog piece a week in each category.

Follow Quirks & All Blog and join me for the whole journey or just for the component of the adventure you are interested in.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you as we flow into 2019 and towards 2020,

Quirks & All.

Until next time,

Stay Quirky.





How to Stay Ahead in Digital Marketing

2019 Towards 2020 in Social Media and Digital Marketing for Business

The 2019 Digital Landscape

For your Small Business

Are you still doing the same things you were doing on social media from six months ago?

Perhaps you are still posting 30 hashtags on Instagram in the comments, or using the same images across multiple platforms or even sharing content from one platform to another, or using stock images and memes where native content should be used?

The digital landscape evolves.

It is constantly changing and upgrading based on use and the needs of both the consumer and developer. Whilst our digital platforms in many ways are becoming similar, in some ways their audiences and their needs, have never been been more different. Sharing the same content from one platform to another is essentially spamming your audience and shows zero connection with their needs and desires. As business owners and/or entrepreneurs, it is for us to identify problems and provide the solutions. Spam doesn’t do that. It damages your brand and creates a dull market, where your followers will eventually drop off. Stock images, besides inviting brand tainting and violated IP rights, create a dull market to your messaging. Rehashed content also does this and is usually outdated by the time published so essentially becomes a sideline of false news.

“Be platform specific,” Liss Caldwell


Digital Imprint

The Digital imprint you create by having platforms, posting, commenting and sharing, contributes to defining your brand both digitally and physically. Social media has long been known as the new word of mouth, marketing basics, and business fundamentals haven’t changed, the mediums we use have. With voice interaction and search now common place, and with over 430 million searches on goolge being voice activated our content will again need to evolve to ensure it is recognized in the new searchable systems.

The platforms and collective recorders of your imprint have increased and each listens in a different way, has different peak times and demands varied content and information to be seen, absorbed and importantly interacted with, engaged, shared and reviewed positively.

Word of Mouth in action, is instant and quick to judge. As a business you have 1.7 seconds to convince the viewer to engage (Instagram) and under 7 seconds to captivate their attention, usually less on social media platforms. These time frames have been consistently decreasing for years, as has our patience with web pages to load. We have in two years gone from an expected 3 second loading time to 2.2 seconds before we move onto another option.

Keep it bite sized with the ability to upgrade to binge instantly available.

Our attention spans have decreased, and in 2019 the demand has been placed on bite sized information for a globally, time poor audience with information overload. The bite sized information is only the taster, as a community we have become a binge society. We want to sample to make sure we connect and then engorge ourselves in one place eg with one author or one brand or one website/ platform. This is true of fashion brands, entertainment eg Netflix and information on websites, videos on Youtube etc. This is why series of all genres, in the publishing and entertainment industries are doing well because it gives us the taste in an episode and then extends to a series and binge opportunity.

SEO optimization in 2019 towards 2020

Free Cycle Marketing

Free CYyle MarketingThe free cycle, which  in fact isn’t free because you usually have to give up your email address and take the time to receive and engage, often questionable information. Due to an overwhelm of poor quality content there is the increasing demand for high level resources from qualified professionals (I’m not talking about professionals qualified by the latest popup website or institute.) Consumers are over rehashed content, given away free in an effort to build those valuable databases through opt in funnels. The public have hit back, using false email addresses to test the quality of the resources. How many subscribers of your database are active?

Time is important and in a time poor community, we are demanding recognition and respect. Most blogs remain a free resource you can follow without an opt in. They  provide an opportunity for you to see if you align with a brand, product or service before subscribing to a database.

After whispers of declines of blogs in recent years in some industries and the rise of vlogs, quality blogs are accelerating and generating  traffic to websites and also social media platforms. They are quickly re-establishing themselves as the necessary medium for all businesses. Businesses posting blogs four times a week have seen a growth of 48% in a relatively short time frame.

Reach – Connect – Engage – Convert

Blogs are the link (or chain) between your website (anchor) and social media platforms (boat). Blogs provide the quality content, increase your SEO and traffic to your website, which expands reach through your segment marketing, whilst providing a resource for your target audience on social media to connect, engage and interact  with.

Consistent content assists you build your ideal target audience and position yourself within in your niche. Gathering your community through a blog people want to share, allows you to develop influencers, who establish and convert leads for you. Most importantly, it develops connection and starts the conversation and through your interaction you can keep this conversation growing.

“Escape – Entertain – Educate – Engage

The four elements that draw individuals to the internet,” Liss Caldwell

Content & Story

Having quality content provides the resource. In today’s digital landscape where there is information overload, you need to connect. People connect with people, and we connect through story. We engage with, and relate to the stories we connect with, retelling them in our own way, shaped by our own experience and perspective. Positive experience can uplift a brand, it may become viral and negative experience can demolish a mutli-million dollar venture eg Fyre in minutes. The quickest way for a poor review in 2019 is by delivering poor quality content, service and unauthentic marketing.

“Be real, be true to your brand. Keep it consistent,” Liss Caldwell

Your messaging must be cohesive and resonate from your vision and mission, which is the core of your branding. A business’s brand story, business story, vision and mission statements and social media posts establish and continue the story through mediums of words, image and video. Consumer engagement continues to evolve the story associated with your brand, which is why getting platform specific and understanding the evolving audiences with social media is essential to being effective with your digital imprint.

“Consumer generate content is your most valuable organic marketing resource,” Liss Caldwell

Evergreen content

If you want to create a strong foundation for your content to continue to grow from, you are looking for evergreen content that remains relevant over time. You are looking for the core issues and problems your ideal clientele face and providing the solutions. There is no shortage of ideas.

Just because your content is evergreen doesn’t mean it won’t create buzz. The use of keywords, hashtags, links, subheadings, images and re-purposing content can extend your contents lifespan and be adapted to suit trends, generate buzz, initiate trends and connect with new audiences.

Staying up to Date with Digital Marketing Trends

Following trends after you see the change and notice others doing it, will position you with the rehash and mass population like a needle in the haystack. Ongoing learning, assessment of your analytics and gauging the audience reached, their reaction to your content and your overall conversions is essential for your business to grow. Choose to be an innovator and lead instead of a hustler on the sidelines.

“Audit > Assess  > Adapt > Action and Repeat,” Liss Caldwell

Staying ahead of SEO

SEO and VI Interaction for your websiteSEO changes over 400 times per year, yes, more than once a day. We can’t adapt our websites and blogs to every change. We can, make sure we are aware of the major changes and look for a consistent ground to ensure we are optimizing every organic ($0) marketing opportunity there is. SEO optimization is your keystone for organic marketing, through the correct use of keywords, hashtags, links, the optimization of images, videos, content, listing of your site and publishing of a highly functional digital matrix you can be found by the right people.

Website Design

Your website is your digital business anchor. Clean minimalist looks, large font headers with native graphics and images including illustrations are on trend. Monochromatic colours with one bold colour to guide the eye. The modern grid or glitch grid format is starting to gain traction.

Bullets, indents, strike through, long scrolls are out. Everything needs to be easy, including easy to read so please do not justify your text.

Your Digital Matrix for Traffic

Your DIgital Matrix for SEOYour digital matrix is the blueprint/ map of your digital presence and the flow of traffic, interactions, client pathways and the results generated. It’s your treasure map to your digital footprint.

Are you on the right platforms for you?

Are you getting the results you want?

Look further than the numbers. Are your followers your target audience?

Which platforms you need to be on is dependent on your business, desired results and target audience. There are some basic mistakes that apply to all. The platforms are changing and competing against each other for position. Google plus is nearly gone, so retrieve your data now. Hangouts is on the way out. There are new options  and enhancements within Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to maximize your organic reach. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are slowly being combined.

The digtial landscape is changing ad that includes the platforms. Look at the integrations of platforms. The pixels are shifting, there are new platforms gaining traction while others slow because they have not adapted to consumer demands.

Social Media 101 – which platforms?

  1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket eg. only have one platform or only publish with one company eg Facebook and Instagram. If something happens to this company you loose 100% of your social media presence. This happened previously to businesses that only used My Space or only used Polyvore.
  2. Do not only publish with one type of medium or platforms with the same mediums eg Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest as you are appealing to people that are predominantly image focused and missing large opportunities with the rest of the population.
  3. Be platform specific. Create posts designed for the platform and your ideal clients within it’s audience. Get savvy, learn how, it will save you time and  money and generate better results.
  4. Focus your digital strategy around your ideal clients, their pathways and needs.

Social Media Algorithms

Social Media Algorithms - Liss CaldwellSocial media posts within a platform are governed by algorithms. Basically, algorithms are like the wind, we can see the results but we can’t see them. They influence our posts rank and ability to reach our desired audience. Platforms  adjust to their users, hosts, market trends and consumers. They are designed to improve user experience. Sometimes there are glitches and A/B testing to discover the best options. It is a constant dance, which starts with action by doing audits, assessments and adapting to the changes. To do this well you need to stay current and up-skilled.

Each platform will release updates as they happen, usually through their business centers. If you want to be ahead of the curve find a reputable and original source. Make sure it isn’t a rehash from other blogs.

Which medium has greatest reach? Video Marketing

Video Marketing for BusinessStory is key and video marketing is the medium that continues to grow and engage larger audiences more than any other medium. Video has the benefit of the synergy of story mediums including visual and audio and the best videos include subtitles. Even without sound and subtitles a strong video will continue to reveal, a story the viewer can relate to, remember and retell.

Video Marketing continues to grow and be the focus point on every platform in their outlined plans. Over 80% of our current online time is spent watching videos and they generate nearly 50% of online revenue. Not all types of videos are equal, the optimum requirements and type of video differ on each platform. On all platforms at the moment live videos yield broader consumer outcomes.

“In video marketing, not all video is created equal,” Liss Caldwell

The demand for live videos will increase due to their perceived authenticity and instant engagement interactions. These trends were initially instigated by millennials wanting real content, now it is the consensus. We mistrust ads and celebrity endorsed content. We first opted towards big name influencers, this is also changing towards a demand for micro influencers within individual industries and real content recommended by our social media friends. Millennials and Next Gen want the relatable truth and will call out faults and unauthentic content. They have been brought up in a world, where they are connected with a global voice, for brands this means transparency and authenticity is paramount. The power is in the people.

Keywords – Mentions – Emojis – Hashtags

Reaching the people has never been easier. The ability to be found by using hashtags to reach and build following, keywords for your content categorization, mentions for recognition and emojis for building following has never been easier or more accessible to organic marketers. To market content well, takes little time and can yield positive results. The problem is, that few do it well. Many small businesses are imitating others and it becomes a system of the blind leading the blind.

“Constant vigilance and updating of skills to connect and reach your ideals,” Liss Caldwell.

Social Media TipsI love the constantly changing digital landscape, nothing is ever boring and it presents me with a challenge. There is always something to learn.

Mindset can be everything when approaching a digital world, so stay clear and remember to take time out to defrag not just your computer systems, also include your mind. Step away and get into nature, get a new perspective and breathe.


“Don’t fall down the social media rabbit hole that swallows time. Know your tools. Be platform specific. Save time by being efficient, which means staying up to date. Audit your digital matrix and imprint regularly. Learn to adapt and bounce back. Be consistent. Focus on your ideal client. Tell the story – it starts with solid branding and grow from there,” Liss Caldwell

I’m expanding in more depth into the topics covered in up and coming blogs. Follow my blog Quirks & All and stay in the loop.

If you are in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia check out the Masterclasses and Workshops for your business and digital growth needs. Including our Towards 2020 – Social Media and Digital Marketing Trends or our 2 day skill building workshop Social Media for Business

Liss Caldwell is an Author, Structural Editor and Facilitator based in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers NSW. A global presenter on digital marketing and author branding she has been in the publishing and digital marketing industries over twenty six years and has been a coach nearly as long.

Liss specialises in strategic digital marketing using $0 organic reach and lean business techniques for business growth, scale and leverage.

Liss has had to learn to read and write three times this life, and to walk twice. A self professed geek with interests in writing, yoga, neuroscience, sports psychology and mindset, combined with a love of nature and animals keeps her busy on her rural property.

Liss empowers entrepreneurs and business owners through education by facilitating 1:1 sessions, seminars and workshops to assist bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishments.

Liss supports authors by navigating pathways to publishing, by providing manuscript development, structural editing and author branding services.

Social Media Today

Social Media FOMO Headache

Social Media

Digital Marketing FOMO

Are you being driven by fear? Are you constantly worrying about if you are on top? Are you looking at numbers and followers? Have you fallen down the social media hole? Are you paying for unqualified numbers? Are you stuck in a comparison whirl wind that is getting you nowhere fast?

Stop. Breathe & Regroup

SEO changes over 400 times/ year you have no chance of keeping up. If you are being driven by FOMO or fear of not performing if you don’t boost, buy, promote, stop and look more closely at your numbers and conversion rates. Have a look at you ROI is it actually working for you or is it draining your resources with little or no return?

Increasing your reach, engaging your target audience and growing your tribe can all be achieved with a $0 social media and strategic digital marketing campaign. I’m talking about organic posts to reach qualified leads who convert into true influences for your brand. Yes, I’m even insisting on original content and native images, quality resources and you/your business as an authentic brand. Using solid marketing practices to ensure your leads are qualified and you are constantly expanding your spheres of influence for brand growth with integrity.

Digital Marketing Results & Returns

The cycle of lead to sale and WOM marketing has changed and is in constant evolution. Are your cold, warm and hot leads converting to sales and influences? Is your ROI including your own time delivering results? If not, your marketing strategy needs an overhaul. If you are not sure, you need to harness a digital audit and assess what you have, how it is working and the digital imprint you are leaving. We are in business and money is not a dirty word, it is an exchange of energy whether that is a physical exchange of product or an exchange of time as a service. The exchange and the marketing efforts to generate that are measurable.

Be Real. Be True. Be You

Marketing and good business is and has been always based on connection and relationships. How are your digital relationships? How is your relationship with digital media? Are you pretending to be something or someone that isn’t you?

Our current market trends are being directed largely my Millennials and GenZ or NewGen and both gens have a healthy adversity to advertisements and that includes your boosts and sponsored ads. Are you pouring your money down a boost drain? Are you paying to keep someone in commissions?

Key questions to ask yourself as you move forward and plan for 2018/2019 strategic marketing plans is what are you giving back? How are you resonating? What digital imprint are you leaving? Is your brand aligned with your vision?

Too many questions and not enough answers secure a 1:1 Strategic Digital Marketing session and we can collaborate in person in Brisbane, Sydney, Eltham, Byron Bay, Lismore or via the internet or phone to get you Marketing with Heart™

2017-09-25 11.53.08If you live in the Northern Rivers NSW, Australia join me for a

Masterclass in SocialMedia

Let’s connect and collaborate soon,

Stay quirky.



Welcome to Quirks & All Blog

Quirks & All

Welcome to my blog, Quirks and All.

This is me and I’m sharing all of it.

My journey, my experiences and thoughts in business, digital marketing, restoring an over grazed property as a retreat and sanctuary for writers and wildlife, my writing process, my editing process, books, art and movie reviews. There may even be some of my Bridget Jones moments because I visualize pulling it (dating and life) off like Laura Croft, Wonder Woman or Salene from Underworld but present more like Luna Lovegood.

Fairest Servings in this FairThere’s no holding back.

I’m sharing it all, over twenty two years of business, marketing and publishing tools, tips and techniques to keep you savvy. I’m not sharing life tips but life experiences may unfold. I’m a Ditzaphrenic ie a term coined by my son to describe myself and others who suffer from ditzy accidents daily and repel technology. I’m a positive person and passionate about the environment, animals (I foster a growing global menagerie of animals orphaned by poachers and have a menagerie at home) and celebrating creativity. I’ve always taken the road less travelled (not always by choice). I’ve just been told I’m middle aged which I completely denied until google confirmed it, nearly 42.

The blog is categorized into Books (I’m a complete bibliophile with a growing private library), Movies, Business with Integrity, Digital Media, Marketing with Heart, Eco-commerce, Authentic Branding, Aligned Resonance, Lifestylepreneur. For progress and to follow my journey of rehabilitating The Torr – the wildlife & writer’s sanctuary please follow my personal page on Facebook.

I have always had a love for teaching, my career beginning as an equestrian coach and trainer, and as I combined studies in Sport Psychology, business & marketing I continued moving into business coaching and publishing successfully taking a magazine and adult education business global. I did this as a single mum also attending uni to study literature and teaching. Running a global education and coaching foundation, Light Star Pathways, training other practitioners and coaches enabled me to embrace my love of facilitating and empowering others through education and networking. I also enjoyed life as a teacher in independent schools.

Mid-year SaleFast forward twenty-three years, surviving two head injuries, learning to read three times so far this life time and now an empty-nester, I am loving life. All my experience and passions have culminated into one awesome melting pot of me. I’m a nut and prone to happy daggy dancing like a snoopy and this is why…when I turned forty everything united in the most amazing synergy, better than anything I could have imagined. All my previous endeavors, education and experience Shazzammed.

Now, I empower individuals and businesses through education and facilitate writers to authors by navigating pathways to publishing. I unite my performance, business, marketing and communication backgrounds with my experience from teaching and coaching to facilitate curriculum and progressive programs that are individually designed to bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I assist RTO’s, not for profits, businesses, creatives and individuals resonate through their digital media with strategic planning, progressive development, authentic branding, marketing with heart so they can align their vision with their digital imprint and run a business with integrity. The more successful my clients are the more they can give back.  I’m a strong believer in ongoing professional development and up-skilling and walk this talk with a fierce determination.

I’m a motivated boho who enjoys the five star, trying to go off grid with a technically driven company. If you enjoy variety and a whole range of experiences you have found your perfect blog to follow in Quirks and All as I continue pioneering the Lifestylepreneur path I’ve been travelling for twenty three years. If you enjoy a laugh, (usually at me, occasionally with me) follow along and you may even gain some business, marketing and publishing savvy insights.

I’m hoping to bring a cauldron of my passions, ongoing education, experience and quirky, eclectic me to this blog. If this doesn’t work for you, I wish you well, I won’t be conforming. I’m a innovator and leader not a hustler or follower. If you want someone to agree with you all the time and say yes, wrong blog to follow. I like to push boundaries and I love a challenge.

I’d love you to hear who you are, what you do and where you are.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you along the way.


Author -Editor -Facilitator

Hemingway for Life & Business

Is Your Business Booming?


Change happens “gradually and then suddenly,” Hemingway.

We are at nearly at the conclusion of the first month of the second quarter. Not sure how that happened but time is flowing by. Christmas and early bird specials are in the air. Spring has engulfed us with warmth and business is booming as we all become more active in reflection of the season.

Often people give up or stop when they hit the wall, or loose puff and they don’t realize how close they are to the break through. It doesn’t matter what you are referring to it could be your website, your social media platforms, your branding, or blog or entire digital marketing matrix… maybe it’s life or your business. Whatever it is change happens through persistence and then it flows. Change is like a snowball, it tends to gather momentum.

download (1)

I love Dory, the electric blue fish from Disney’s, Finding Nemo. I love her “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” mantra. Most of you have probably seen my Dory water container, I have a Dory coffee cup too which says “anything is possible.” I’m often telling myself little bit, little bit, one thing at a time. If you are overwhelmed just prioritise and action one thing until complete before commencing another task.

If you use lists to procrastinate. Stop. Just do it and keep at it.

Sometimes a good book or a friend (two or four legged) or taking a rejuvenating break and reconnecting with nature is enough to shift where we are stuck. If we nurture ourselves with the space to clear, align and reconnect we are often in a better frame of mental health and clarity to apply or learn new skills to keep us going. Even better to improve and deliver a superior outcome with an enjoyable journey.

It’s ok to take a break, just don’t give up. Remember the goal. Each action is one step closer to where you want to be. Even if you think you have failed. There is no success without failure. There is no failure if you learn from experience. Keep assessing and adapting what you are doing to get to your goal. If nothing changes there is no new outcome. If you don’t open space for change the results will be the same.

Success welcomes change. Opportunity brings change so take the risk and bet on you.


Do you need a business boost, Motivation and Clarity?

Business is booming. Secure your place for a one on one consultation with 100 % focus on getting you from where you are now to where you want to be, bridging the gaps between goals and accomplishments.

Book in this week and secure your two hour session for $200, save $120. Sessions available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Last Chance to Upskill at Byron College

2017-09-25 11.39.49.jpg

Last two day business workshops for 2017 – filling fast.

Social Media for Business

Video Marketing




New Opportunities – New Venue – Each Thursday

I’m really excited to bring a range of my experiential workshops to Eltham Valley Pantry. A great place to learn whilst enjoying the atmosphere, great food and good vibes.

October 12 Children’s Books – Plot -Edit- Pitch – Publish2017-09-25 11.32.522017-09-25 11.53.08

19 Digital Matrix – SEO, Social Media, Brand, Digital matrix and blueprint


The Why of Video Marketing

#Video #Marketing

Consumers & #Business


Video Marketing is unavoidable whether you are a viewer or creating a memorable digital footprint for your brand as a business.

Video Marketing is now essential for all business brands @Byroncollege #ByronBay #Mullumbimby

Humans retain 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and 70% of what we see and hear for example when we are watching videos which makes it a powerful marketing tool for brand imprinting. These stats aren’t new, marketers have known this for years which is why TV ads had previously been so popular with large corporations. However, now with the social media revolution and digital marketing tools and platforms we are able to style, create, edit and launch video campaigns ourselves. It just takes the proper tools (available to all) and the know-how.



Facebook alone is set to increase video streams to 96% next year. Video domination is a

Facebook leads the way to video domination #video #marketing

part of their 10 year marketing plan. We are in the fifth year. If you aren’t producing video for Facebook next year there’s no point being on it. The way Facebook and other social and digital platforms rank video is dependent on their algorithms. No matter which platform you choose, you can be assured that video is here to stay, especially with digital networks outranking TV networks. The winner is us, creative entrepreneurs and the viewer.


Video Marketing Results for Business

Using video marketing when done well, allows us to lead social media streams, increase connection with our target audience whilst growing our tribe and raising our ROI and conversion rates. We can accelerate our SEO, maximize engagement and grow our

2017-08-15 19.43.52
Increase conversions, sales, reach, engagement, ROI & SEO @CaldwellLiss #video #marketing

spheres of influence. All whilst increasing our brand reach and imprint.


Video has become an essential element for business to be able to shape their brand. It’s not hard to do well but it is easy to do very poorly and effect your brand if you don’t know basic techniques.

I have a couple of spaces that are closed off tomorrow this Sunday 10th September and 17th September, two-day experiential workshop in Video Marketing. We will be learning the why, how, where and when of creating strong video content for different social media platforms, blogs and websites. Start your own broadcasting channel.

If you are a social influencer, entrepreneur or have a product or service to market this course is essential for ensuring you aren’t archived and left behind as the market moves forward.

Secure your place now or call or visit Byron College before 12 Thursday the 7th September.

In other exciting news:

I have a project I have been working on which is set to launch on the 20th of September, so stay tuned. It should provide all of you with more resources and opportunities.

I’m currently travelling weekly to Brisbane and Sydney working with clients and facilitating. I am still available two days a week in Suffolk Park for private one on one consultations to assist you with Strategic Digital Marketing, Branding and Business Development &/or Structural Editing and your path as an emerging author.

Each session is unique and tailored to what you choose to focus on. My aim is to support you and facilitate you from where you are to where you want to be, bridging the gaps between goals and accomplishments. I’m passionate about authentic branding that is aligned to your vision allowing you to increase your ROI with business integrity and marketing with heart.

Each session is an investment in you and runs for two hours. Sessions are usually $160/hour mention this email when booking a session in September and receive $120 discount off your session. Email me lightstarpathways@yahoo.com.au or text 0437 327 909 to book.

I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating soon,

Keep marketing with heart.



A Town Called Dust by Justin Woolley

Book Review by Liss Caldwell

A Town Called Dust is the first in the getimageYA (young adult) DUST trilogy series.

I was drawn in from the prologue. It is no longer the rabbit proof fence that divides Australia. The fence in A Town Called Dust separates the last surviving human populations from the ghouls. The human settlements are located in central Australia, the most inhabitable place I can imagine, where monthly baths are a luxury, dirt farming a necessity and girls graduate at sixteen to the sisterhood and boys to the Diggers. The Diggers maintain the fence and are the last line of defense if the fence falls. The fence is has fallen.


This is a coming of age story, unfolding for Squid and Lynn in a new world after, the reckoning, set in the towns of Dust and Alice. The story is simply told and unites the characters with a twist that ultimately drives you to hunger for the next book in the series. As the characters themselves grow, and you think you know them and their story, another dimension is revealed that propels the story forward. The reading pace and rhythm escalates and is well mirrored with the character arcs, constantly pulling the reader into the world of DUST and forward through the chapters.


The new world is built with strong characters fueled with diverse backstories and their own missions. Each has their own path to navigate the restrictions imposed by gender, politics, power and ultimately survival. Timeless themes unravel through a new apocalyptic Australian landscape with ancient features, that link the reader through familiarity with these remnants.

I listened to the odyssey unfold on audio book over two sessions, only stopping due to adult commitments. I really didn’t want to adult and would have continued in one session if I could of. I doubt young teens would stop themselves from listening to, or reading the novel in one session.

There’s one thing I know for sure, and that is that I need to have the lingering questions answered. I am hooked on this series. It would be a great TV series. Apocalyptic Australia, zombies, adventure, mystery, deceit and secrets unraveling around strong male and female characters. It’s all here.

A Town Called Smoke is the next novel in the series and then A World of Ash.


Justin Woolley



Book Review: The Fall by Tristan Bancks

The Fall by Tristan Bancks

Book Review by Liss Caldwell

The Fall is Tristan Bancks latest YA (Young Adult) fiction.

Lashing out after years of bullying, Sam is sent to his estranged father. Worse than just being cooped up in a flat, is being there with no internet. Sam is witness to a murder and chooses to investigate, but the body has disappeared. Restricted by a recent operation and in a strange city, Sam needs help and must make a friend, something he has never been good at because he is different.

Reading #TristanBancks #TheFall @byronatbyron 

Sam is a creator of his own comic book series based on his father, hero extraordinaire and investigator of crime and this propels him forward, however Sam discovers that life, perceptions and fiction are very different.

The Fall has action and suspense packed into an intense twenty-four hours. The reader is drawn in through Sam and his story of courage. Sam’s eyes provide a window into adversity. This book is a conversation starter for students, parents and teachers and raises topics of bullying, disability, identity, broken families, crime, law and moral choices during all our versions of reality. Throughout the book, it is as if Bancks is asking the reader, “What would you do?” when the question can be black, white and grey?

As an author of YA fiction, Bancks is a master at crafting a story to intrigue and pull readers in with action, while posing contemporary social questions and producing an entertaining read. Instead of asking the “what if” question speculative fiction authors ask, Bancks has the reader asking “would I” in both his YA novels, Two Wolves and The Fall.

I enjoyed this book. I gave it to a group of six boys and girls and all rated The Fall between 4 and 5 stars out of 5. As a parent and teacher I would be buying this book. The Fall is the best conversation starter and catalyst for thought for YA readers, I’ve read in years.

Catch Tristan at The Byron Bay Writer’s Festival or on one of his writing safaris or school visits. www.tristanbancks.com


Byron Bay Writer’s Festival 2017

Top Tips

How to Get the Most Out of Your Festival

Are You Ready?

20170803_161028 (1)
My essentials for @bbwritersfest #byronwritersfestival minus my feline editor.


Don’t be put off by the name. Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is a festival for both writers and readers. It’s not exclusive for writers. If you enjoy reading, books and good conversation get yourself a ticket.

The main festival is set a short stroll from the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, with various events spread across the Northern Rivers region, diversity of location, setting and topic won’t be a problem. The festival events are catalysts to initiate conversations on books, publishing, literacy, education, environment and politics. It’s a haven for bibliophiles and a sanctuary for creatives.

Tickets are still available at http://www.byronwritersfestival.com

What to Pack

The program is jammed packed, for me this is a problem because of F.O.M.O. I only get F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) during publishing symposiums and writer’s festivals and book releases. Standing and waiting in ques for food, is not where I want to spend my time.

Tissues and hand sanitizer are a must, the toilets aren’t always stocked with necessities.

Your annotated program is a MUST, well, for me anyway. Even when I divert from my plans, it’s a good point of reference to who, where and what I’ve wandered into.

My essentials include a fully charged phone and refillable water bottle, ***Note: Byron Bay Writer’s Festival is a plastic bottle free event. Free water refills are available.

Maltesers (family pack to share, I love networking, connecting and collaborating), Turkish Delight (all mine. Mine. MINE.) Strawberries are great to share, apple, soft blanket for knees, umbrella, notepad and pen, business cards, I have my Captain America keeper cup full of hot coffee, and my Spiderman keeper cup full of fresh juice. Lip balm and moisturiser/ hand cream, I’ve always packed my @Pure.Nut organic macadamia lip balm and moisturiser, especially this time of year.

Sitting all day, I don’t want a meal/sandwich as it’s too much. I do enjoy sharing my Maltesers and Strawberries and they are always enjoyed by old and new friends.

What to Wear – Fashion


No need to wear gumboots like last year. No howling winds to blow us away like pages from a book. Last year, the mud was an obstacle to say the least. Plastic bags over fashionable shoes proved a trend. It may be an idea to just pack two plastic bags, just in case.

Perfect blue sky this year. Bring it on.

Layering clothes is ideal. The tents, rooms and beach all vary considerably in temperature. Comfort is key if you are planning to last the day, and especially if you are attending the full three days.


We have ideal weather forecast this year, with days of 22/23 degrees. As the first place, the sun kisses the earth is nearby, Mt Warning, the sun also starts to disappear from where we are first and the shadows can be cold. Breezes off the ocean this time of year can bite, and as the festival is so close to the beach a jacket is worthwhile packing.

Program – Essential item to pack

I devour my program in the weeks leading up to the festival. My despair is evident with yells of, “NooooooOOOOO” when there are three or four panels that are must-sees all on at the same time. I know who I want to see and plan my day, (despite being a eclectic, bo-ho, whirlwind of chaos naturally) usually despite all my planning, my Ditsophrenia (someone who suffers from ditsy accidents daily) leads me to stumble upon where I need to be and who I need to be with.

Social Media

Share your experience with those from around the globe who aren’t fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be at the festival this year. As a Strategic Digital Marketing Facilitator, I’ve listed a quick reference guide for social media. The digital matrix and its rules for engagement evolve constantly.


Facebook: byronwritersfestival share your candid moments and bloopers.

Twitter: @bbwritersfest use twitter for your favourite quotes. Don’t forget to mention the author/speaker with @theirusername

Instagram: byronwritersfestival let’s see your photos and moments. Put us in the picture, share that piece of perfect pie. No face forward selfies/pics.

Tags: The official tag is #byronwf2017 however there are other tags proving popular including; #byronwritersfestival2017 #byronbaywritersfestival2017 #byronbaywritersfestival #byronwritersfestival don’t use the old tag #bbwf as it is now used for other social media means.

Happy tagging

The Best Thing About Festivals

My favorite thing about festivals is that they bring like-minded people together. This is your tribe. Allow time for connecting and collaborating. Conversations, networking and opportunities for broadening your mind are abundantly on offer. Celebrating creativity and imagination is sure to manifest plenty of magic (ma8ik).  Be open to the opportunities and enjoy the day.

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I’d love you to share your favourite moments. Tag me in @CaldwellLiss #LissCaldwell www.lisscaldwell.com

I’m looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you soon.


Liss Caldwell  

Facilitating Writers to Authors – Navigating pathways to publishing

Strategic Digital Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs 

2017-07-23 16.24.18

Active VS Pro-Active

Dump Hump Day

31Q8jG35ZEL_SL500_AA240_When I was young I used to love reading and collecting the Mr Men books by Rodger Hargreaves and later the Little Miss books. One book I remember was Mr Busy. Most of us are probably either guilty of his story or know someone who is. You know, the person who is running here there and everywhere, running around being very busy. So busy in fact, because everything is “very important” but nothing gets completed or done. The to do list is ever growing and always added to. Nothing is prioritized. The toleration list of the undone or half finished tasks is ever growing and never done. Continue reading “Active VS Pro-Active”

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