“I have known Liss Caldwell for a year. In that time she’s read my second historical novel, Blind Fall, before its contract. She gave me very useful advice regarding what it needed on both on emotional and structural levels. She has also given excellent insights into the publishing industry and on promotion, which I desperately needed, knowing very little about it. She’s pointed out places to promote both my work and myself, and how to brand myself as a new mainstream author. She is professional, kind and honest. Through her I’m learning more daily about the new world of publishing, and seeing my work growing in the best possible way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, both as an editor and in PR.”
Aka Melissa James, Author of over 20 novels.

“Liss Caldwell’s writing and editing advice was invaluable whilst I was writing Book 1. Seraphympire ~Guardians of the Gateways, she helped ensure the story made sense and pointed out where the story could be cut down and tightened during the final stages of rewriting. If not for Liss, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stuck it out. On many occasions, I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but her insight and encouragement saw me through and kept me going, her opinions and thoughts have and will always be, priceless.”
Renee SpyrouAuthor Seraphympire

“In all the years I have known Liss Caldwell, she has impressed me with her passion, her ethics, and her generosity. Liss not only has an astute editorial eye and a thorough understanding of narrative structure, she also has that very rare of gifts – the ability to simultaneously impart knowledge and inspire others. As an editor, she is thorough and insightful; as a writing coach and mentor, she is honest, positive, and encouraging. I recommend her services highly.” Sib Duff, Emerging Author

“Liss Caldwell’s insight into the world of contemporary publishing meant I was getting expert advice that zeroed in on the precise market for my work and helped me maximize the full potential of my manuscript. Liss helped me craft an exact tailored brand that was perfect for what I was writing, and one ripe for the current market.”

Steve Hocking, Author 


“After discussing what type of assessment I wanted for my manuscript, Liss provided me with detailed feedback that was thorough and professional. She was also happy to discuss her thoughts and suggestions at length. Liss has many contacts in the industry which has proved to be beneficial as it is difficult to get a foot in the door. I found it to be a very valuable experience and her ongoing support has been amazing.”

Jo Burns, Emerging Author

“Her professionalism, knowledge and honest criticism gave me just what I was looking for to help me tighten my piece and make it better.  She is the best!”
Cheryl K, Emerging Author


“Liss is simply amazing. She is focused, organised and methodical and when she sets a goal, she goes for it whole-heartedly. She lives what she preaches, and it is inspiring to see her constantly overcoming the curved balls life has thrown her. I unreservedly recommend her services in whatever capacity you require. If Liss can do it, she will help you to do it too.”

Leanne Albers, Copy Editor leanne.f.albers@gmail.com